Friday, March 07, 2003

last post of the day, and a thought i'll leave you to mull over for the weekend:

have you ever thought, enviously, "that person is better looking than me," and then immediately after, smugly, "but i'm smarter"? i just did.

i think i really need a makeover and a hard slap in the face.


i love my little sister julian for many reasons, but most importantly because this is her homecoming picture from her senior year of high school (she's on the left):

my idol.

*note, too, that she turned down three offers from non-cardboard suitors in order to pull this stunt, and after picture-taking left the dance immediately to see a horror movie, which i don't think the gentlemen attended.


there's a band outside this lounge playing shitty reggae, and it sounds exactly like good reggae. this serves merely to solidify my belief that reggae music is shit.

Thursday, March 06, 2003

the new york times reports:

"We will fight its forces like we fought them in 1991, whether they come alone or under an international cover," Mr. Hussein said.

In 1991, most Iraqi troops surrendered or ran as coalition forces advanced into Iraq.

yeah, exactly.


people came out of the woodwork to post their pictures for jr. i wonder if that means that we all secretly think we're beautiful.

Wednesday, March 05, 2003

as long as we're talking about plans...

here are some things i have to look forward to over the next several months, along with some corresponding drawbacks.

1. spring break
a. spring break is in just over two weeks. classes will cease. friends are coming to visit. hurrah.
b. must think of things to do during spring break so that friends do not think me and my lifestyle utterly empty, boring and worthless. there is not much to do in san diego, and the good weather will not pick up consistently until june. far too late. boo.

2. shows
a. soon i will be seeing several good acts, including bright eyes and arab strap, a combination the mere thought of which nearly gives me a mental orgasm. hurrah.
b. going to shows means paying out the nose for tickets, and yes, $18 is a lot, you rich fucks. boo.

3. writing classes
a. i'm just about finished with my major. that means taking classes in the subject i've grown to really love. hurrah.
b. have been informed by fellow writing student: given the classes i am enrolled in, will not be seen by general friend population for several months. and just when the sun comes out. boo.

4. london
a. in july, i'm gallavanting off to europe for a brief overseas stay. one week in ireland followed by six in london (broken up by trips elsewhere on the continent). awesome experience to be had; looking forward to showing off tourist credentials (i do a really good "lost"). hurrah.
b. you thought concerts were expensive? try european adventures! a program i'm doing in london is costing me (well, my loan-friendly bank, technically) upwards of two thousand pounds. that's a ton of money. boo. (come on, you knew that was coming.)


did i just go into the department meeting, take breakfast, and leave? sure did.

Tuesday, March 04, 2003
currently listening to: - Rilo Kiley, The Execution of All Things - falling rain - chirping birds
Monday, March 03, 2003

so, iTunes alphabetizes my library of music, and new edition directly follows neutral milk hotel, and let me tell you, it's a kick in the pants to be wafting along to the gentle fade-out of on avery island's last track and then assaulted with the opening hand claps of "cool it now."

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