Saturday, March 15, 2003

while i could make many many remarks on u.s. foreign policy, i will restrict myself to one which i think should be understood not only by constituents of a particular ideological following, political party, economic class, or ethnic group but by anyone with a basic understanding of two basic concepts: the makeup of the american military (people), and the nature of war (kills people).

the remark is this. clearly, to support american troops -- at least, to support the lives, as opposed to the deaths, of american troops -- is NOT, by its nature, to propone war and, by extension, the bringing of american troops onto the battlefield. let's keep this one straight, people. if the war-choice were made absolutely and solely with respect to american soldiers, you can be sure as fuck we'd keep them home.

now, if you support the use of the american troops to achieve a specific military and foreign policy goal, that's another story. obviously. but let's not pollute that pristine warmongering rhetoric with outright contradictions, okay kids?


i thought, "this is perfect," and slid further underneath the comforter. my toe touched another, and a warm hand automatically felt for mine in response. i leaned over and kissed a smooth forehead, a soft cheek, breathed in the scent that was comfortingly, yet still tantalizingly, familiar.

he slept. i turned back to the hardcover capote i held in my other hand and two-thirds read, one-third listened to the rain emptying out on the roof and gently slapping against the window. i fumbled with a page as i neared its end, and mused about what could possibly make me feel more content.

he awoke and turned the page.

Thursday, March 13, 2003

why kate could never fit the right images as an adolescent:


scenario: stan is in town and seeks lodging at kate's house. in the morning, we have breakfast.

stan: how 'bout some toast? i could go for toast.
kate: okay. i've got wheat bread, butter, some jams...
stan: hold it right there. what kind of jam is that right there?
kate: there's strawberry, blackberry, marionberry...
stan: marionberry. marionberry?
kate: yeah...?
stan: is there crack in it?
kate: oh. i get it.

Wednesday, March 12, 2003

this is not the place to do so, but just briefly -

it's times like this i question the capacity of the human heart. not what it is, but why it should be.

Monday, March 10, 2003

will you people like me more if i tell you that my birthday coincides with national outdoor sex day? well, it does. also, it's the anniversary of the allied wwii victory in europe, but that is way less fun to celebrate.

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