Friday, April 25, 2003

sticky-sweet compliment log for friday, 25 april:

"aw, you're so cute and cazh* today with your cute outfit. it's so summery and cute."

*the abbreviation of "casual" to its first syllable causes a spelling crisis that intimidates even me, and my spelling bee history is almost unmarred.

Wednesday, April 23, 2003

having consumed one fruit roll-up and been recognized by the pizza delivery man, am feeling considerably humored. having read some very welcome comments on yesterday's encouragment-fishing expedition, am feeling considerably cheered. my thoughts:

re the blogging world: i love it, too.

re monkeys: hee. hee. oh wait, no. hoo hoo hoo.

re the hippo at the san diego zoo: i've been, i've observed, and the most fascinating thing, i thought, was the massive amount of shit residue in the water.

anyway, thanks for the remarks!

two points for today:

one: when i got to work, the sticky-sweet woman swamped me with "oh, what a CUTE SHIRT!" AND "oh, and those CUTE SHOES, TOO!" before i even had a chance to say hello. this needs to stop. i barely thank her anymore because it's just out of hand. i'm not even wearing anything that cute! i've got a clem snide t-shirt that looks like an "i (heart) new york" shirt but actually says "i (heart) the unknown", and red sneakers.

i'm going to start logging all her superfluous compliments. also, i think i'll suggest giving me a quarter every time she wants to say something complimentary.

two: two years ago i was a supervisor at a bookstore. the assistant manager, a woman i'll call melanie, spent most of her time on the phone, if i was around to do actual work in her stead. one of the things i overheard her say during these conversations was her alias for an online journal.

yesterday, i was writing up something about bookstores and i thought of her. i wondered what she was up to and i remembered the alias. and i totally read through her diary. it's pretty juicy, so that was a good time.

Tuesday, April 22, 2003

it's going to be one of those posts, and i'm sorry in advance...

i'm feeling down today. when i finally turned in last night, still jeans- and sweatshirt-clad, and set my alarm to go off two hours later, i knew it would be a down day. my eyelids feel stiff, my temples ache, my body is exhausted, my hair is unwashed, my work is unfinished, my money is gone, my bills are due, and i can't push past the shouting and cursing and fighting and hating that kept me up until the first wisps of dawn were visible.

(luckily, my eyelids actually look kind of cool when they're stiff. makes a crease. it's a novelty. on account of the half-asian-and-therefore-lacking-in-eyelid-crease thing.)

i don't feel the least bit lonely, but i do feel isolated, as though shrouded in an opaque layer of emotional cloudiness. it would be nice to know the world is still out there, beyond my fuzzy vision. could you leave a note? do you know any quick fixes or recipes for instant cheer? there are no devastated lovers here at fauxhemia right now, only the dazed and tired.

Monday, April 21, 2003

i like receiving emails from my mother, because she does things like end them with "have fun with the eggplant."

Sunday, April 20, 2003

on another note, am i the only person not hooked on wil wheaton? (no, i will not provide a link.)


awhile ago, i posted a long-winded complaint about a woman in my office. writing that helped me to vent my small annoyance at her cheesy behavior. i felt cleared-out. refreshed.

then, on friday, she burst out with, "oh, rats." seriously, who says that?

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