Friday, May 16, 2003

when i wake up stressed, there's about a 50/50 chance it's because i dreamed about being in a nasty brawl with "the other girl". i keep looking down at my fingernails, expecting to see blood and hair and bitch underneath.

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

today, my morning commute increased by a factor of six. (luckily, it's normally only five minutes.) the reason: a crane collapsed onto the area's busiest freeway right at its merge with another major interstate -- already possibly the most congested area in the county -- and trailed a fistful of major power cables along behind, draping them over the highway. the damage was power loss for thousands and the total paralysis of north county as both freeways closed and traffic spilled onto quickly-clogged surface streets.

my sensationalist mind has tweaked this image into something fantastic. the way i picture it, a crane used in a construction project on the steep slope alongside the freeway came wholly tumbling down the hill in a great bouncy path of destruction, tethered by dozens of power cables to a row of telephone poles that were helpless to resist the pull of the toppling crane, which crashed down with its ilk onto the traffic-coated surface of the road and in its momentum trampled over hundreds of poor commuters across a long sweep of defenseless highway before finally coming to a precarious rest in the median, leaving behind it a wide swath of devastation.

this image, though wrong, left me wondering, why haven't movie producers utilized this Crane O' Catastrophe idea? a crane, with its huge size and weird shape, is an ideal weapon of moderate accidental destruction. just a thought. i'm going to have a mr. goodbar now.

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

hurrah for travel!

in the past weeks i've acquired tickets from here to london (the better part of the summer), from london to ireland (the first week of july) and, less striking but still tremendously exciting for me, from here to oakland (first weekend in june) to see my big sister and to visit my brother and his fiancee while they're still living in sin, a state that will end the weekend i return from my overseas jaunt.

that's part of what i've been doing over the last few days. that, and being so stuffy i can't breathe and so busy i can't see straight.

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