Thursday, May 29, 2003

okay. it's definitely the flu. it's been a long time since i've had it, but it made itself known. i hope i recover in time to see liz phair and the flaming lips tomorrow night. actually, i just hope i make it to tomorrow night.



i haven't been feeling so well lately. i'm weary all the time so i sleep for twelve hours which leads only to more weariness. i have a strange, painful cough. i seem to be doing everything more slowly than usual, including the updating of this blog. it's odd. anyway, this is not to garner pity -- there are web crises and real tragedies that deserve our sympathy -- but just to say: don't go away, more bloggy love will return shortly. (sing nickelodeon "after these messages" ditty to yourself now.)

Tuesday, May 27, 2003


him: how much does the average bra cost?
me: depends on where you buy it. victoria's secret, $26 - $36.
him: i'm going to design a bra and it's going to cost $700.
me: what kind of bra?
him: it's going to have a weight-sensitivity device and self-adjusting straps.
me: not a bad idea. actually, could it be tension-sensitive? i like the straps to have a certain tautness.
him: well, tension is just an observation of weight. besides, what happens when you're running or going down a flight of stairs?
me: um, bouncing?
him: exactly. that would be prevented.
me: cool. would the bra be sexy, as well?
him: no. it will be ugly.
me: (laughing.)
him: also, it will come attached to a backpack to hold all the wiring and instrumentation.
me: (further laughing.)
him: you could take off the backpack, but then it would just be a regular bra.

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