Thursday, June 05, 2003


this is a rare sort of picture, as my collection goes -- not posed, not facing the camera; candid, but not in the "this is how i normally look, because i'm normally staring stupidly into space" kind of way -- so i like it, even though i can pick out little imperfections, like the way my smile always seems to overgrow my mouth.

why post it? i don't know. maybe narcissism. why question the urge?

tonight i will fly up to the bay area to spread this insidious, undying cough! mwah ha ha! visit my older brother and sister, who live in oakland and berkelely, respectively. spending time with them is a complete delight for me, so i'm pretty excited. i love that they are a smidge older than i am -- my sister turned 36 this year and my brother is 34 -- because it puts just enough space between them and i for me to learn from them. this is something i find more difficult to do with the two siblings i have that are closer to my own age, who are easier to bicker and banter with than admire and glean advice from.

and i learn so much. from my brother i've learned not to roll in poison oak. from my sister i've learned always to pull my navel toward my spine while doing pilates. most importantly, from both of them i learn of all the dirt on my dad that us younger kids never found out about.

us, oh, twenty years ago:

Wednesday, June 04, 2003

warning: spleen vented ahead.

last week at an informal dinner party, a man took a long, careful look at me and said, "you must have one american parent."

how does this shit fly anymore?

i have two american parents, thank you. and if you want to climb three or four levels up my family tree, you'll find chinese. pray they don't hit you over your ugly head with their chopsticks, racist prick.*

* one person asked upon hearing this anecdote if the man was really racist or simply tactless. well, he also opined to my muslim aunt that most muslims are terrorists, and he was telling at length of his amazement over mexicans who "don't even speak mexican" (gasp! spanish is an imported language?). you can decide.

Tuesday, June 03, 2003

ah, codeine.

codeine, i expected more of you, frankly. updated at a notably not cough-free 3:26 a.m.

Monday, June 02, 2003

it's still a challenge to breathe without collapsing in a coughing fit, but at least i can now look at the computer screen without my head spinning. in honor of that, some ideas apple abandoned:

iRoll -- wheelchair.
iBrowse -- internet browser.

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