Friday, July 18, 2003

news flash.

blair on iraq:
"I believe with every fiber of instinct and conviction I have that we are [right]."

bush on british citizens in guantanamo bay:
"The only thing I know for certain is that these are bad people."


i'm doing a shamefully brilliant job of perpetuating the stereotype that americans don't understand irony or sarcasm. i may actually be qualified to teach a course on the subject. method one: do get pissy when told your hair makes you look like medusa.

in related news, i think i owe someone a slap.

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Thursday, July 17, 2003

various and sundry.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2003

i love this person.

k: i always think about buying you a postcard with just a picture of the queen
k: but i am too embarrassed to purchase it
i: haha
i: how come?
i: if they look at you funny just say "WE DON'T HAVE A QUEEN IN AMERICA"

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i spent half of yesterday's very pleasant evening in hyde park with a new acquaintance. a french canadian from montreal, he practiced law for two years before working for doctors without borders in africa for five -- living, variously, in rwanda, guinea, and liberia -- and finally moving to new york city to do advocacy work in their office there. (naturally, we spent the first hour getting that chronology straight.)

we had a fascinating conversation about putting down roots in unfamiliar places. i tend to talk a lot of talk about moving around, cutting ties, discovering new places and meeting new people, but my experience is child's play. here was someone walking the walk. i asked him if the processes of separation and of making new connections got more difficult with age, and we got to talking about the change by which one starts to think of social compansionship less as an absolute good in itself. the idea of having a relationship simply for the sake of a relationship becomes less appealing; what matters more is making a meaningful connection somehow, and if, in a new setting, no such bond is made, then solitude is a perfectly acceptable situation.

were we overanalysing? or worse, does the fact that we aren't so eager to find company at any cost -- or at any level of quality, let's say -- mean that we've lost something important? maybe a sense of fun? are we being narrow-minded by suggesting that there are people with whom we cannot connect? if i'm with someone, regardless of whom, is the value of my experience heightened? if i'm alone, is it diminished?

shall i shut up now?

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when i fell down yesterday i thought immediately of my roommate (actually, 'flatmate' is more accurate) and the fact that she finds people falling tremendously funny. so i emailed to tell her of my embarrassment. she replied, and in doing so reminded me why we are friends.

awwwww kate how sad that you fell. but it's nice that it made you think of me! i dont know what it is about people falling, but i love it.

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please consider this my very sincere personal invitation to slur americans in my comment box.

i'm serious.

you can even be anonymous, if you really need to be (coward).

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Tuesday, July 15, 2003

right. altogether now:



i'll be back when my lungs return to their normal state of health.

london bloggers, you might have told me...

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nothing like falling to make you feel like a total fucking idiot.

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KATE'S HOLIDAY LOG: in which i may appear to be drawing thoughtful conclusions upon the natures of culture, travel and experience, but am in reality merely an american saying, "hey, look! europeans!" only in a slightly more subtle way.

vol. 3: settling.

i like settling into a new routine. it makes me feel as though a place is home, even though it isn't -- self-trickery is one of my very favorite pasttimes.

every morning i wake up tangled in my own hair, smelling fresh and pleasant (having showered the evening prior), and perform the usual wake-up steps of brush (teeth), brush (hair), wash (face), deodorize, primp, dress, try on four pairs of shoes, consider purse possibilities, leave, come back to change shoes, eat breakfast, and head out -- just like anyone else.

after leaving my residence i might make some stops on route to my morning destination. i buy stamps at the post office and mail letters; i withdraw money from the cash point; i order coffee -- iced, of course, we are in the midst of a veritable heat wave, after all -- and i make my way cheerfully to houghton street for class.

i like my nascent routine, and i like the accompanying realisation that things around here have become familiar. one of my favorite feelings is that of starting to feel comfortable in a totally new environment; that's why i move to places where i know no one and travel to cities where i've never been and tend (perhaps foolishly) to cut ties when i've settled into a new context. i'm not saying i'm terribly adventurous -- then i'd have to defend my choices to stay in the english-speaking world and to exclude most southern states from my imaginary travel itineraries, and i have no defence aside from my cowardly avoidance of the language barrier (yes, that goes for both cases). i am saying that i like to move around, and i love to find that movement suits me.

of course, this is not without setbacks. yesterday, for example, found me in a lift with a young english man and woman, the latter of whom observed that she'd been noticing increasing numbers of americans around campus.

"really," replied her companion, a dry statement rather than a question. from the tone i knew without having to turn round that he'd raised a single eyebrow. "americans. oh dear."

"oh dear, indeed," she agreed, and i amusedly lifted a single brow myself in their direction, having been reminded that no matter how 'settled' into a new context i fancy myself, and no matter how fond i am of self-trickery, i mustn't fool myself into thinking that i'm wholly in command of how a new context fancies me.

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polish, pt. 2:

which is better, having a freshly painted set of nails, or being asked if i'd gotten them professionally manicured?

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Monday, July 14, 2003

funny how a coat of red polish makes me feel like a whole new girl.

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this absogoddamnlutely fanfuckingtastic weather just BEGS the swimsuit be donned and the sun soaked up.

there must be a sandy beach around here somewhere.

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Sunday, July 13, 2003

damn it. i must see this movie.

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