Friday, August 01, 2003

i just left the british museum and there were lots of tourists there taking pictures of all the exhibits and artifacts and mostly not reading the little explanations off to the side. people were posing their children in front of the rosetta stone and telling their spouses to give the thumbs-up sign next to the remains of a greek statue and taking close-ups of the larger explanatory prints -- presumably so that they could save time by reading them later.

i, on the other hand, was very intellectual throughout my visit. i kept thinking, as i walked through the Mummified Egyptians Room, "if i stand in front of the glass and get just the right lighting so that my reflection is somewhat clear, i can take a picture where it looks like i'm lying inside that sarcophagus."

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there are some things for which losing them and then remembering where they've gone is actually a good thing. "where's my film? oh, it's at the developer's! wonderful, i'll have pictures soon." "where are my glasses? oh, i got rid of them after my laser eye surgery, because i have perfect vision now!" "where did all those condoms go? oh!"

but money is not one of those things. never, ever, after wondering where the devil all your money went, will you feel better looking at your account history. recalling that you've paid $3 for every ATM withdrawal (and god knows there were a few) and realising that everything you've bought on holiday has cost twice as much as it would at home and that's why you've got to start eliminating meals from your budget -- this is less than comforting.

now if you'll excuse me, i'm going to go do a lot things for free.

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Thursday, July 31, 2003

you know the feeling that you're bottling something good inside that you think you'd love to share with the world, but aren't sure, or for whatever reason can't just come out and say it? like when something good happens to you, or you've had a wonderful realisation or discovery, or you find yourself in a state of sublime contentment, or you come across a pot of gold?

this is one of those times for me. but rather than keep you all in a state of ignorance, or make you guess, i'm going to be completely direct:

i think i'm falling in love ... with this city.

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Wednesday, July 30, 2003

i think i'll know i'm ready to have children when i can ride in the lift with no less than eighteen of the little devils and emerge not wanting to scream.

anyway, the real reason i'm posting is to complain. my inner nerd (wait, what am i talking about? my inner nerd is my entire being) is dissatisfied with grammatical errors on the advertisements i saw on the tube today. honestly, i find this distracting. i'm busy trying to let my consumer self be swayed by corporate advertising tactics, and all i can concentrate on is the fact that here--

Any SIM card, any provider.
(tempted to lose your current mobile?)

--the "t" that heads up the second line should be capitalised, because it begins a sentence, as is clear from the period that comes before it. (please, no jokes about my being american and, thus, staunchly "capitalist". likewise, let's ignore the fact that my blog is almost totally capital-letter-free. at least i know where they should go.)

furthermore, this very same ad continued with a mistake i see everywhere: or call 0800 036 0800

not parallel! not parallel! is it so hard instead to print "go to such-and-such URL or call such-and-such number"? or simply to omit the word "call"?


when one begins a)to notice grammatical errors in advertisements and b)to expend effort to enumerate said errors in writing and c)to decide that blog readers will actually want to read that kind of shite, i'd say it's a good sign that things are deteriorating, material-wise.

that, and the fact that my only post worth commenting on consists of one line, which is nearly all jibberish.

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Tuesday, July 29, 2003

the art of making new friends.

step one: meet.

step two: infiltrate the family.

step three: hope new friend doesn't mind his sister's picture being posted on the internet. prepare bribe in case he does.

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Monday, July 28, 2003

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i realise that it's probably not interesting to read about someone else's parents, but i feel i'd be doing a disservice if i let these words fade into the oblivion of my mail server. i just received an email from mom. the subject line is, "about nothing in particular".

- - -

Hi there Kathleen!

I'm trying to write a paper on homosexuality in the church, for my class on marriage and sexuality (required for the M.Div,) when I suddenly realized that if a spaceship full of aliens landed in Spokane today, they would actually believe that lizards rule the earth and humans are an inferior species. Because as far as I can see, this is lizard weather. They're feeling good. They're moving. We're just lying around with our mouths hanging open (with popsicles hanging from our tongues). And I thought cows were lazy and inferior.

Now I better get back to my paper. I'm almost finished. That was my insight for the day. Thanks for letting me share it with you.


p.s. I love you.

posted mon. 1:56 pm

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