Tuesday, August 12, 2003

there's going to be a paucity of posts over the next several days. i have goodbyes to say in london, flights to take over the atlantic and across the states, and a wedding to attend which should be interesting, as the father of the groom -- and my father also -- will be announcing his engagement at the affair, the guests at which will include his two most recent wives and the five children he's had with them.

if you'd like to read something of mine in the meantime, i invite you to pop over to mark's place, where i had my guest blogging gig last week, and browse through our "senses" series.

see: kate | mark
hear: kate | mark
smell: kate | mark
taste: kate | mark
touch: kate | mark

i'm going to miss posting in this time zone.

posted tue. 2:19 pm

Monday, August 11, 2003

oh yeah, this blog turned six months old on saturday. i'll use that as an excuse to eat cake.

mmm, cake.

posted mon. 11:31 am


and a city breathes.

posted mon. 10:50 am

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