Wednesday, August 27, 2003


I've relocated.

Many, many thanks go to the wonderfully generous Patricia for offering to host me at

Thank you, Blogger, good night!

Update: all comments, both enetation and haloscan, are back up for (my) archival viewing purposes.

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Royale With Cheese

What are the world's most quotable films? I'll start with two.

Pulp Fiction. Would you give a guy a foot massage?

The Princess Bride. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father; prepare to die.

Someone will likely mention The Godfather, but I haven't actually seen it. What others am I missing?



One of the girls I live with just returned from Japan. In Japan, she had a friend named "I" and an acquaintance named "You", heard stories about You's cousin "Me", and met someone named "Sucasa" who was from "Micasa".

No, they're not spelled like that, but they sure are pronounced like that.

She also brought back presents and trinkets that would put some of the entries on Engrish to shame. No Rock Star shirt, but she did buy this very plate, of Engrish fame.

What I like the best of what she's brought back to California is her perspective on Americans. She made the mistake of going to Costco the day she returned to the States:

"Americans are fat and lazy! What are you doing? You don't need six pounds of Velveeta!"

She posits that the Japanese have even found a way to make "American" food taste better than it does here. Furthermore, she says, they take all of our ideas and so vastly improve them that they are barely recognizable.

"Case in point: Ford invented the Model-T but you don't see Toyotas driving around with flaming tires."


Thanks for Playing

The lie was Number Three. That could be because I'm not actually that hot, or because cops aren't actually that pigheaded, or because it really is going to happen but simply hasn't yet.


Oh, yes, the results! There were 6 votes for story the first, 3 for the second and 2 for the third. Congratulations to the small minority of you who got it right, though from the look of it you were guessing at random. To the rest of you - you don't have much faith in off-duty police behavior, do you? No, me neither.

Monday, August 25, 2003

The Art of Driving On California Freeways



"When you make it back to London, come up to Glasgow and give me us a shout. We'll take you out."

- Chris Geddes, keyboards, Belle and Sebastian

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